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    The Lowdown on Brazilian Waxing

    Over the past decade or so, we’ve seen a boom in a particular service in salons, spas and even derma clinics. We are all too familiar with the posters on these establishments’ windows that might show women in bikinis or underwear. As we pass them by, we pause and take a minute to find out what these confident ladies have to smile about and then we see it – the phrase “Brazilian Wax.”

    Should you want to take the brave step towards a hair-free intimate area, follow these tips and it’ll be all smooth sailing from here on out.

    A lot of women might choose to walk away without a second thought and go about their business as usual. It just isn’t something they think they need – at least for now. Some might stop to consider whether going completely bare is worth the trouble. For those who do, here’s what you need to know to make sure that things go – dare we say it – smoothly after the procedure.

    Beauty is pain

    Those of us who have tried waxing before can vouch for how it’s not the most pleasant experience in the world. This is especially true when this method of hair removal is used in the intimate area. To minimise pain, try to wear underwear made of soft material after the procedure. The area can remain sensitive even after the pain subsides – so using scrubs is not recommended the first 24 hours after waxing. The next time you wash, try using a product that is super soft and gentle on the skin – like a feminine foam wash.

    Soothing the redness

    Another possible side effect is redness. Immediately after the procedure, this sensitive part of the body might look a little flushed. Consider products that are hypoallergenic – those that are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

    You can also benefit from a product with Immortelle – a natural antioxidant that improves the skin’s moisture.

    Smoothing things out

    When the thin new hairs that grow out after waxing get caught under the surface of your skin, you can develop unsightly bumps. Mildly exfoliating in the shower after the tenderness has subsided can help remove dead skin to prevent pores from clogging.

    Looking clean is not enough

    A common reason for women to go for Brazilian waxes is a lasting clean look and feel. What they might not know is that infection can occur with these services. To avoid this, make sure your hair removal expert is licensed and uses a different applicator every time she dips into the pot of wax. Waxing can cause tiny skin tears that develop after the hairs are pulled out – leaving the skin open to infection – by serving as modes of entry for unfriendly organisms.

    There you have it. We leave the choice of going “au naturel”, getting a little trim off the top or taking everything off up to you. But should you want to take the brave step towards a hair-free intimate area, follow these tips and it’ll be all smooth sailing from here on out.


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