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    On the Go with Cherilyn Tan

    Tech entrepreneur Cherilyn Tan is no stranger when it comes to busy days. As the CEO of the Asia Law Network, a tech start up that strives to connect individuals and businesses to reliable and affordable lawyers in Singapore and around the region, Tan is constantly on the go. Her fast-paced life is reflected in her work as Asia Law Network is able to match lawyers and potential clients within mere minutes. Her business prides itself in increasing the productivity and profitability for all parties. Since its launch in 2014, Tan grown the company to be the largest network for Singapore-based lawyers with over 30% of Singapore lawyers listed. Asia Law Network has earned a stamp of approval from the Ministry of Law, Law Society of Singapore and SPRING Singapore.

    In her early thirties and as one of the few women in Singapore’s start up and tech scene, it’s no doubt that Tan’s drive and success is inspiring. Amidst it all,

    she manages to stay vibrant – but how does she do it? Read on for an inside scoop and tips from the CEO herself.

    Starting the day off


    It takes an incredible amount of planning and discipline to run a company, especially one as successful as Asia Law Network. Tan says that she starts preparing for a work day the night before by mentally running through her goals, objectives, meetings and appointments. Apart from that, Tan believes in the importance of being put together in a physical sense.

    “As the CEO I am the face of the company,” says Tan. “As I deal with lawyers and well as many partners and investors, looking presentable is important.”


    Untitled-1In order to achieve this, Tan thoughtfully curates her clothing and makeup choices. However, as a person who prizes efficiency, she is out of the door in less than thirty minutes after her alarm goes off. Her clothing choices are simple and are chosen the night before. For her, comfort is key as it allows her room to breathe and move, especially on busy with hot weather. Tan’s cosmetic choices are equally pared down as she goes makeup free on most days. On the occasions that she has meetings and functions, however, Tan wears a touch of products in the morning such as tinted sunblock prescribed by her dermatologist; a touch of loose powder; as well as light eyeshadow and lipstick.

    Grooming on the go

    In between office work during the day, Tan is often shuffling to and fro meetings and appointments. This grueling pace has almost every minute of her working day accounted for. Since staying clear-minded and alert is demanded of her on a daily basis as making crucial business decisions is often called for on the fly, she believes that staying hydrated is of utmost importance.
    “To keep myself fresh, I drink lots of water,” says Tan. “I always have at least two bottles of water with me and it helps me keep sharp and focused.”

    If it’s an especially long day, Tan likes to use pantyliners and BetadineTM feminine wipes to keep fresh and clean. On a normal working day, Tan usually works through her lunch break as she says that mid-day meals often leave her sleepy and groggy. Instead, she consumes caffeine-free tea and perks up by washing her face with cool water.

    Taking the day off

    woman-hands-1207952_960_720After a long and often stressful day, Tan likes to take long walks around her neighborhood. To her, nothing is more calming than being surrounded by nature; it allows her body and mind to wind down, relax and bring her back into the present moment. Tan says that detaching from her computer, mobile phone and other technological devices after work hours is another way that she expresses self care. But above it all, Tan loves to end her day by sharing a home-cooked meal and glass of wine with her husband.


    “I like to take my time to cook nutritious food for my body,” says Tan. “Cooking is very therapeutic for me and somehow it fills up my soul.”

    If there’s any woman that knows what it takes to stay invigorated even on busy and hot days, it’s inspiring entrepreneur, Cherilyn Tan. Thanks to smart planning, practical clothing and cosmetics choices and efficient use of time and resources, she manages to stay on top of her game. BetadineTM Fresh & Active Daily Feminine Wash Foam is another way women can feel clean and ready for whatever the day has in store for them. With a zesty lemon verbena scent and Tri-Care+TM formulation complete with prebiotics, this essential wash helps you maintain the confidence and pep in your step to carry you throughout your day.


    The BETADINE™ Daily Feminine Care range is for external use only. This article is for information purposes only and not meant to serve as medical advice or to replace consultation with your physician or other qualified healthcare professional. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare professional with any questions you may have regarding a worsening skin condition or other medical condition.

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